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Things for Sale

Wow, I haven't advertised in a while...

I'm not going to sob but for those who are curious, here's my situation. My family and I are in dire need of money, I am not able to attend yet another semester in college(I had to take this Fall off, and won't be able to attend for Spring '08). I live in a small town, so it's hard to find a job here, everything seems to be taken. I don't have a license, so I can't travel too far for work, much to my demise. Lol, I'm trying my best to get what Christmas gifts I could, the rest I'll have to make~

I have manga, anime dvds, anime figures, anime plushies and doujinshi. I also take commissions. Please take a look at my journal for more~

Do not hesitate to haggle or ask questions. I take money orders, well-concealed cash, and both CC-paypal & Non-CC paypal(a balance). Paypal preferred right now. =(

Contact me/send paypal payment to:

~~Thank you~~
Tags: anime, collectibles, doujinshi, manga: english

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