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Anime, Jrock and More!

While cleaning out my closet I found this huuuuuuuuuge box of stuff that I had set aside to sell and forgotten about, so here it is! I'm clearing out a bunch of anime/manga merchandise as well as big chunk of my Jrock CDs. Please take a look!

+X/1999 Kamui Plushie ($12)

+Revolutionary Girl Utena T-Shirt ($10)
Size XL. The picture is of the packaging (sorry about the glare!). I've since removed the shirt to check the size.

+ Digi Charat Pencil Board ($2)

+ Saiyuki Sanzo Bromide Card ($5)

+ Earl Cain Postcard ($5)
Mounted on a hard backing, still in original plastic.

+Naruto Mist Village Headband ($7)

+October 2003 Cookie Manga Magazine ($3)
This is the monthly phonebook magazine that NANA and other manga are released in.

+ FF VII Advent Children Japanese DVD ($15)
Region 2, no subs

Manga & Doujinshi

+Death Note Yaoi Doujinshi "Renai Shinrigaku" ($15)
Light yaoi, Light x L, sample page here

+Les Bijioux Vol.1 & 2 ($5 ea.)
English release

+More Starlight to Your Heart Vol.1 ($5)
English release

+LAREINE "Saikai no Hana" single ($5)
2003 release, 1 track

+Raphael "Kazuki" armband ($5)
White armband with gold embroidered kanji "Kazuki", never used

+Moi dix Mois "Dix Infernal" Flyer ($2)

+Miyavi "Gagaku" ($15- ON HOLD)

+Michiru Project "Fuuin no Zanzou" ($10)

+Dir en grey "Child Prey" single ($10)

+Dir en grey Fanclub Magazine Haiiro no Ginka #20 ($20)

The following is almost every CD Kagerou released from their very start up to mid-2002. (One is missing, because I found the case, but not the CD... O_O) I will sell them as a set for $100 and throw in an extra piece of merchandise that is not listed here! This offer only lasts while all 5 are available, of course. ^^

+Kagerou "Hakkyou Sakadachi Onanist" ($20)
3 tracks, original 2001 release

+Kagerou "Jikasei Full-Course" ($20)
4 tracks, original 2001 release

+Kagerou "Mizu Hitari no Kazoe Uta" & "Hiaburi no Kazoe Uta" ($20 ea.)
3 tracks each, original 2002 releases, each comes with a plastic disc with the band name on it. If someone buys both, I will include this sticker sheet, which was a promotional item from Like an Edison if you bough both CDs. ^^

+Kagerou "Iro Megane to Scandal" ($20)
3 tracks, original 2002 release

+SHAZNA "Gold Sun & Silver Moon" ($20)
2 discs, first press, special mini-disc with "music box" versions of 3 songs + photo booklet

+SHAZNA "Melty Love" VHS ($5)
1997, 2 videos (Melty Love and Raspberry Time)

+SHAZNA "Dear September Lovers Live at Budokan '98"box set ($50)
Includes: (Image of the stuff!)
1. poster
2. concert video
3. t-shirt (never been worn)
4. postcard set
5. notepad w/ clipboard
6. heart-shaped notepad
7. large badge
8. keychain
9. lipstick case
10. sticker sheet
11. photo booklet
12. phone strap
13. face cloth
14. pencil case
15. plastic carry bag
There is wear on the box, but everything inside has never been used, except the video

+Gothic & Lolita Bibles ($15 ea.)
Volumes 3 & 5 available, both with all the original inserts/patterns

+Devil Brand Punk Loli Skirt ($15)
Back, 2 layer black skirt with white lace trim. 3 buckles on each side of the removeable over skirt. The waist measurement of the underskirt is 26" around.

+Chinese Dinner DVD ($35)
Region 2, no subs, Japanese/Mandarin
2001 movie starring Izam (ex-Shazna). This DVD is pretty hard to find now! A suspense movie about a hitman and his potential hit. It takes place all in one room, only three characters, over (you guessed it) a Chinese dinner.

+Oboreru Sakana DVD ($10)
Region 2, no subs, Japanese
Also starring Izam (ex-Shazna) as a (very gay) club owner whose parents were murdered when he was a child. It's up to two cops (one a tough guy, one a crossdresser) to find the murderer!

No trades, but the prices are flexible on most items! Shipping is not included in the listed prices. Paypal ONLY. I'll ship worldwide. Just leave a comment if you're interested in anything or have any questions!
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