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DS: Fruitsy yukata, Innocent World gothic lolita dress, san rio plushie, and a mini crown!

This is a handmade bright yukata in a Fruits or Decora style, sewn together on my sewing machine. It took approx. 8-9 hours to make. It is a size medium and features the cotton Strawberry Shortcake blender fabric: pink with white, brown, orange, and mint green flowers. This is a 3 piece set consisting of a short-style yukata robe, a short (above-knee) elasticated skirt, and a flannel obi. The flannel obi is a turqoise color featuring cute happy clowns with cats, seals (on the opposite side), and balls. The obi fastens in the back with velcro and fits a 29" waist. Don't miss your chance to own this one-of-a-kind piece! Comes from a pet-free, smoke-free home!  ^__^

Front (sorry some of the pics are a bit fuzzy. I'm trying to work things out with my camera).


skirt and obi

close-up on the pattern
Asking price: $55 including shipping.

Innocent World dress!
This dress is really gorgeous and the detailing on the lace is so incredible! Roses and fleurs de lis! The inside is fully lined. When I finally received this dress I discovered it was too small for me. Please take it off my hands! This poor beauty is just sitting in my closet without a wearer!

Proof of Authenticity: 

The neck ribbon is detachable (it just ties around the neck).

The ribbon is detachable as well, on the side, by buttons.

There are buttons down the back of the arm.

And also gorgeous lace! XD

And here's detail of the bottom of the dress.

Measurements approximate:
Bust: 32"
Waist: 26"
Hips: 30"
I'm asking $130 (includes shipping) for it, since that's what I paid. However, the price is negotiable.

Mini crown!
I bought this at Anime Expo 2006 just because it was blue but I have absolutely nothing to wear it with.

And I know it's hard to tell, but that's a cross at the top.

Asking price: $45 (includes shipping) That's what I paid for it but if you think that's too much I'm willing to go as low as $25. I want to make at least half of my money back.

San Rio huge cinnamaroll dog plushie! He measures approx. 20 inches tall from head to toe and 21 inches wide (from ear to ear).
He's so cute and I bought him for when I'm shirololi as an accessory to carry around, but I've only done so once. He needs some love!

Asking price: $30 (includes shipping). I originally got him for about $43 in the san rio store.

If you're interested in anything, please leave a comment!

Paypal only please!
U.S buyers only please!

Thanks for looking! ^__^

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