tokyofro (tokyofro) wrote in garagesalejapan,

DS: Fan + Friend Skirt

Fan+Friend Open Pleat Plaid Skirt
I just received this skirt today only to discover that I'm a complete idiot and ordered the wrong size, and no amount of healthy/unhealthy dieting/exercise will move my heftiness into it. The skirt was part of a group order and is made by Fan+Friend, but with Retroscope Fashions store's tag on it, since it was an add-on item to her own order for her webstore.

more details here:

The size I ordered is their UK10/US8/EUR70/JP M.
The color is pretty true to their color swatch, however the only difference is that the blue is a bit darker than in their picture.

and proof that I have it:

Again, this skirt is absolutely New, and hasn't/couldn't been tried on at all. This skirt retails for $39.99, not including their wonderful overseas shipping cost.
I would like $38 with Free Shipping here in the US for this skirt. International, please inquire, I'm willing to split the cost with you. =)
Tags: fashion: egl

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