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Wanted! Inputs on value/Make an offer - KKM Trading card collection

This may sound as a weird request **mods please remove if this is against the rules**

I'm considering letting go of what I have of my sets of Kyo Kara Maoh! trading cards (Part 1 -4) - official Movic releases<-- most of these are out of print and extremely hard to get!

What I have:
 All regs from all 4 sets.
All sps from all 4 sets. (except for SP05 from part 2 but I may be able to get that).
All mail-aways from all 4 sets (including the extra Yuri king card from Part 4) <-- all or most of these are definitely impossible to get.
Box card 01 from all 4 sets
Box card 02 from part 2.
More box cards to come...maybe.
Promo 1.

I'm thinking of getting an offer or values of what you think these are worth/or if you're keen, what you think you're willing to pay to get them. Note - only for the whole lot, not for individual cards

Just a point of reference: a set of regs go for up to $50 on ebay, don't think there's many out there anymore.

Edit: Yaoi Sale Next Week - Lots of Stuff just came in - Post Cards, Clear Files, Shitajiki etc <-- Missed out last time, here's an early warning - watch out for it. That page is currently under construction so you won't be able to find it on my sales journal yet ^~

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