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consolidated selling post.

Prices are in USD and SGD (only applicable to buyers in Singapore).
Prices do not include the cost of shipping.

Methods of payment accepted are concealed cash via registered mail or yesasia gift certificates (for overseas buyers), and bank transfer-post or meet up (for buyers in Singapore).

Please leave a comment with the items you are interested in, your location and email address. Alternatively, you can email me at sandwichie@gmail.com directly.

By the way, you can use Ctrl-F to search for the artiste(s) since the lists are rather lengthy ^^

JE artistes that I'm selling are mostly Arashi, Doumoto Koichi, Hikaru Genji, Kanjani8, KAT-TUN, Nakajima Yuto, NewS, SMAP, Tackey & Tsubasa, Tokio, V6 and Ya-ya-yah, and I'm selling tearouts of almost all non-JE artistes as well. If the artiste(s) you are looking for is/are not in the lists, feel free to ask me if they are available. By the way, tearouts from future issues (and other items) will be added consistently so do check my selling journal, kaufen.

[Tearouts - Duet]
[Tearouts - Kindai]
[Tearouts - Myojo]
[Tearouts - Popolo]
[Tearouts - Potato]
[Tearouts - Wink Up]
[Posters (Magazines)]
[Pin-ups (Magazines)]
[Media (DVDs, VCDs, Albums & Singles)]
[Official Goods (Concerts, Stages, JE Shops, etc.)]

thanks for looking! =)
Tags: idols: johnny's, magazines, music: jpop, posters

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