Angel's Garage Sale (angel_sales) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Angel's Garage Sale

Chobits shitajiki, Animerica Extra, Sailor Moon, etc....

Just some new little items I decided weren't really getting the love they deserved here with me, duplicates, and old stuff

New to my selling portfolio (xD)
- Chobits (featuring Chii) mini shitajiki/pencil board. Bought one from a seller on LJ, and then a friend of mine gave me the same one without knowing I had it already ^^; So I am selling one :P - $6.00 shipped. SOLD
- Clamp no Kiseki mini flyer - free with any purchase (only 1 available) SOLD W/CHOBITS SHITAJIKI
- Animerica Extra, vol. 2 no. 8 Don't know why I bought this. I was never interested in any of the manga featured in it, and never will be :/ - $4.00 shipped pic
- TOKYOPOP Sneaks 2004 vol. 3 - $4.00 shipped front|back

The usual stuff
- Eerie Queerie (manga) vol. 1 - $5.00 shipped.
- X/1999 (manga) larger release 'The Prelude' - $6.00 shipped.
- FAKE vol. 7 - $5.00 shipped.
- Sailor Moon (manga) vol. 2 - $7.00 shipped
- Vampire Princess Miyu episodes 1-3 (VHS) - $4.50 shipped.

I accept
- Paypal (Credit Card Paypal as well as long as purchaser agrees to pay for the extra fee)
- Money Order
- International Money Order
- Cash (USD only)
Tags: anime, manga: english

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