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Tons of Japanese Music and Items for Sale!!!

As is usually the case, I am in need of some cash to get a few things I'd like.
Sooo, I'm once again offering some more things up for sale.

1. I prefer Paypal, but will take money orders as a last resort.
2. I don't do holds unless a small [non-refundable] portion of the cost can be paid up front.  Otherwise, try back to see if it is still available once you have the funds.
3. Prices may be negotiated.

1. Items are being shipped from Canada.
2. I have feedback on ebay under DarkFaerieQueen . Or at my sales journal,

3. Items prices have been lowered since previous posts.
4. I'll be adding more items to this post as I take pictures of them.

On to the things.....


Additional Photos: [Photo 1] [Photo 2]
cali gari:  第7実験室予告版~マグロ~ single (CD + DVD)  
$40US + shipping
** this single is quite rare and sells for 4900 yen upwards on amazon.co.jp

Additional Photos: [outer cover] [clear pictures] [poster] [CD] [VHS] [calendar & postcard] [booklet 1][booklet 2] [booklet 3]
La'Mule: Fuyuutsuki - Yuigadai Kikeikouten boxset 
$80US + shipping

Additional Photos: [tag] [fabric]
h.Naoto Blood cutsew
$50US + Shipping
** Item will be drycleaned before being shipped.

Additional Photos: [inside 1] [inside 2] [inside 3] [inside 4] [inside 5]
B-Pass Pierrot Extra Mook + DVD
$10US + Shipping

Additional Photos: [back]
La'Mule: Sweet Enemy VHS
$8US + shipping

La'Mule: Knife VHS
$7US + shipping

Additional Photos: [all]
$7US + shipping

Make me an Offer for all the CDs below!!!
Tsuyoshi Domoto: Rosso E Azzuro (album)
Kawamura Ryuich: Love (album)
SInkro: Etcetera (EP)
T.M. Revolution: Out of Orbit / Triple Zero (single)
Dear Neilla: (EP)
Face of Soleil onmibus (double CD album)
Laputa: meet again (single)
Penicillin: Crash (single)
Shazna: Gold Sun Silver Moon (album)
Shazna: Gold Sun Silver Moon (double CD version) [picture]
La'Mule: Glass Shinkei to Jiga Kyoukai (EP)
Lareine: Grand Pain (single)
Endorphine: Desire EP (EP)
Kids Alive: Never Mind (single)
Penicillin: Vibe (double CD album)
Penicillin: Missing Link (album) [some wear on carboard jacket - picture 1]
Laputa: Silent On-Looker (single)
Liv: Without You (single)
T.M. Revolution: Boarding (single)
Janne Da Arc: Seed (single)
Cascade: sexy sexy (single)
Kawamura Ryuichi: Cranberry Soda (album)
Hakuei: Nude / Guilty (single)
Laputa: Yuranagara (single)
Baiser: psychoballet (single)
Tags: music: jpop, music: jrock

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