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Hello, I have this magazines up for sale, I need money as soon as possible, so I have to sell them even it break my hearts! ToT

Anyway, here are the magazines:

Gigs n10/2006 featuring: Beat Crusanders, Ellegarden, Ken Yokoyama, Orange Range, Asian Kung fu Generation, Hy, Acid man, Syrup16g and many others. Price: 10 euro (+ shipping) NO PICS

Arena 37, n05 (maggio) 2005 featuring: Gackt (in copertina),Miyavi, Flame, Pierrot, TmRevolution, Glay, 175R, Psycho le cemu, Kra, and many others. Price: 15 euro (+ shipping)

Shoxx vol 163, Agosto 2006 featuring: Sendai Kamotsu, Plastic Tree, Miyavi, Kagrra, D, Ruki (The Gazette), D, Shazna, 12012, Dacco, Kra, Mucc, heidei and many others. Price: 15 euro (+ shipping) PHOTO

Shoxx vol 158, Aprile 2006 featuring: Nightmare, Gazette, Miyavi, Kagerou, Alice nine, Kagrra, D, Lareine, D'espairs Ray, Mask, Phantasmagoria, Heart and many others. Price: 15 euro (+ shipping) PHOTO

If anyone will buy the last three magazines (Arena37, and the two shoxx) all together, I'll put the Gigs for you for free. Please comment only if you are REALLY interested in buying them, write down where you come from and I'll let you know how much shipping will be.

Ah! Other than the magazines I have also these three Dir en grey singles in first limited edition:

Clever Sleazoid, Ryojoku no ame and Agitated scream of maggots, price will be 12 euro each (Shipping not included)
Tags: magazines, music: jrock

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