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Hi! I have tons of titles I'm trying to clear off my bookshelves. I'm selling these through my journal, so please comment or email me at tidus_rp87(at)hotmail(dot)com. I accept paypal only. Shipping is separate so please email for an estimate, and I will combine. All titles are in GREAT condition. Thanks :D

~Each title: $4 each:
Beauty is the Beast: volumes 1-3
Hands Off!: Volumes 1-3
Juvenile Orion: Volumes 1-2
Kamikaze girls (manga not novel): volume 1
Lagoon Engine: Volume 1
Fullmetal Alchemist: volume 1
Blame!: Volume 1
Diabolo: volumes 1-3 (complete series) ($10 set)
Vampire Game: volumes 7-12
Snow Drop: volumes 1-12 (complete series) ($30 for set)
I.N.V.U: Volumes 1-3 (complete series) ($10 set)
Kill me, Kiss me: volumes 1-5 (complete series) ($17 set)
Girl Got Game: Volumes 1-10 (complete series) ($28 set)

~Each title $5:
One Thousand and one nights: volume 1
Antique Gift Shop: volume 1
Heavenly Executioner Chiwoo: volume 1
Bring it on!: Volumes 1-2 ($8 for both)

Please I must get rid of these! No trades D: I need the money... Make me an offer!
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