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Lots for sale!

 Lolita clothing, jewelry, sailor moon alarm clock and backpack, other clothes, manga, and more!
Hi! I have a bunch of clothing/jewelry/egl/ normal clothes for sale! I only accept paypal at this time, and only ship within the U.S. and Canada! I cannot accept trades at this time. I've sold things on livejournal a number of times, but my only feedback right now is on ebay under fishingjaguar! If you have any questions feel free to ask me! Thanks! =^.^= If you don't like a price feel free to offer one!

I have this lovely bodyline dress for sale! Only worn once and washed! It doesn't come with the waist ribbon...but it does come with the sleeves and is in wonderful condition! $45 shipped! (Will show actual picture upon request!) Comes with free headdress!

I'm also thinking of selling my pink bodyline dress. The ribbon came out of one sleeve, but just needs to be put back in with tweezers! Worn once by me, and a couple time by previous owner! ($20 shipped!) Comes with headdress! (Will add real picture soon!)

Pink music note bodyline socks! Very nice, just not my style..sadly. They have some dirt on the bottom of the foot, but other than that they have been washed and are very nice! $10 shipped (Will add real picture very soon!)

Also for sale is this adorable hello kitty bag! It's really big, and faux leather...I think. It's too big for me, and I used it once. Perfect for sweet lolita! It only has one flaw on it, some of the leather stuff has come off one part, it's in the second picture, it's really not bad at all! $45 shipped!

Very nice lacey plastic heart earrings! $4 shipped each pair! 


Sailor Moon alarm clock (plays theme song!) $15 including shipping (less than ebay!)

Number 1 from Black Cat the anime $5 shipped

Sample manga...all different, all $2 shipped unless it's a really small one like Del Rey
(Get one free with a purchase if you want!)

All manga $3.50 shipped each

Rare Sailor Moon backpack $35 shipped Medium size

Gravitation shirt worn 3 times $8 shipped
 size M

Punky plaid skirt size M $8 shipped

Cool black vest $10 shipped
size large, fits medium nicely though

Cool aqua green bathrope cloth jacket $7 shipped
Size M

Size 9 capri pants $10 shipped

Black caplet $6 shipped


Beautiful geisha girls set $15 shipped

Cut up corset thing....$2 shipped?

Knee length velvet dress ( under the sleeves is not black anymore, but I tucked the top into the skirt to make a nice velvet skirt! $8 shipped
Size M

Cream button up the back aristocratic shirt $4 shipped
Both size M

                                                               Black skirt with cream lace on top $4 shipped (it's kind of sheer)

Feel free to ask any questions! I will give exact measurements if you want! I'll get back to your questions as soon as I can! Thanks!
Tags: collectibles, fashion: general, manga: english
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