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I have to sell off my collection of anime, games, and manga. I don't have current photos of them, but I am selling them for BEST OFFERS. They are all from a smoke free home, and are all in excellent condition unless stated otherwise.  I really need money for them by tonight (Thursday Nov. 8th) to early early morning.

You can check my journal for older items, as well as my feedback. pandanekosales

I am in the US and I will only take Paypal, NO ECHECKS. Please keep in mind I need payment by tonight ( Nov. 8th Thurs) or they go to the next person interested. I will do no holds, and no other payment types. Shipping based on where you live. ALL ARE BEST OFFERS!  NO trades.

All are US, no bootlegs.

- Vampire Hunter D Bloodlust
- Haunted Junction complete collection
- Kamikaze Girls
- Tenchi Movie: Tenchi Muyo in Love
- Urusei Yatsura movie: Always my Darling
- Fruits Basket Box set

- Tsubasa 1-5
- Fruits Basket 1-14 (missing 11 & 13)
- Hellsing 1
- Under the Moon 1-2
- Imadoki 2-5 (missing 1)
- Riot 1-2
- Demon Diary 1-2
- Wish 4
- Free Collars Kingdom 1
- Princess Ai 1
- Kamikaze Girls
- Paradise Kiss 2-5 (purple covers)
- KIngdom Hearts 1
- Miyuki-chan in Wonderland SOLD
- Clamp's The One I Love
- The Anime Companion

Video Games
- Seven Samurai 20XX PS2
- Bujingai (sealed) PS2 SOLD
- Shadow Hearts (not the original version, the free gift version but still full game) PS2
- Super Bust a Move 2 PS2
- Karaoke Revolution Vol. 3 w/ microphone PS2
- Taiko Drum Master w/ taiko drum PS2 SOLD
- Beatmania w/ dj controller PS2 SOLD
- Hello Kitty Roller Rescue (sealed) Gamecube
- Star Ocean Till the end of time (not greatest hits) PS2
- Paper Mario (Sealed) Gamecube
- Guilty Gear X2 PS2
- Megaman X Command Mission PS2
- Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Gamecube
- Samurai Warriors PS2
- Samurai Warriors Xtreme Legends PS2
- Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time Gamecube
- Legend of Zelda Collector's Edition Gamecube
- Streetfighter Anniversary Collection PS2

Please email me only! As I won't check the messages here right away, my email is grandfinalefin [at] gmail dot com 
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