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Japanese Magazine, Manga, etc. Order, anyone?

Hey everyone! I'm going up to the Japanese bookstore (Asahiya) this weekend.. and I was wondering if anyone would like any Japanese magazines, new shounen manga, etc. A few of their items are on their website, but they have a lot more stuff than that, obviously. Their goods are brand new.. and they only add a small fee to the retail prices!

Why I am offering this:
I live in the US.. so it's usually hard for me to get items that just come out in Japan.. even if I find it online somewhere, the shipping is usually REALLY expensive
~I want to help people in the US/wherever be able to get Japanese goods more easily.. the shipping would be a lot cheaper and a lot less of a hassle!

What they have:

~I've been to this bookstore before.. and it sells most of the popular Japanese magazines (newest issues obviously): Myojo, Arena 37, Junon, Popolo, Cure, etc.

~The store also carries (for the most part), the newest volumes of shounen (and sometimes yaoi) manga: such as Prince of Tennis, Eyeshield 21, etc.

~They also have some artbooks, CDs, etc. But I'm not sure about whether they have specific items or not.. I found the Eyeshield & Bleach artbooks there before though.

NOTE: If you are committed to buying something.. and I'm not sure if they have the item or not (that last group above), I will not make you pay a deposit fee!

How It Will Work:

I'm going to run this kind of like the courier sites that let people all over the world buy things on Japanese bidding sites:

1. Find a Japanese magazine, new shounen manga volume, whatever.. that you want me to get for you (obviously they will brand new).

2. Try to find a link to the item OR find out the retail price. Amazon!Japan usually sells at the retail price! If you can't find a link, I will look for it (the more information you give me, the easier it will be for me to find a link)

3. Post a comment here telling me the following information:

Item(s) you want. [Please include volume numbers, issue numbers, etc]
Total price of the item(s) you want
Your paypal account (I will screen comments, don't worry)
Type of shipping you would prefer: First-Class or Priority (Note that first-class shipping can only be used if your items weigh less than 13 oz)

4. I will send you an invoice for a deposit. This deposit will be 1/2 of the total price of the item(s) you want me to get you. (If this does not work out for you and you are committed to buying the item, please e-mail me at shinichirou_waya[at]yahoo.com and I will work it out with you). Please send me the money before Sunday, November 11. [Note the exception for if you want items that I'm not sure will be in the store]

5. I will get your item(s) when I go to the bookstore.

6. After I come back from the store, I will calculate the total amount (since Asahiya has a little bit of a fee on top of the retail prices-- not much though.. less than $2 or $3 dollars usually) and send you another invoice at paypal (this invoice will include first-class or priority shipping costs and a tiny fee of maybe $1 or $2 for the courier service I'm providing)

7. I will ship out your order after I receive the payment.


items: Junon Dec issue, Myojo Dec Issue, CURE Dec Issue, Eyeshield 21 vol. 27
cost: $32
paypal: waya.kun@gmail.com
shipping: priority


~Please be fully committed to your items if you are commenting and paying me a deposit!
~Please pay me the deposit before 8 AM EST Sunday Morning! (November 11)
~I will refund your money if I cannot find your item(s)
~I will be back on the same day, so if you order items.. I will be able to ship them out as soon as I calculate your total & you pay me
~I will only accept paypal at this time
~Please contact me at shinichirou_waya[at]yahoo.com if you have any questions, troubles, or concerns.


Some feedback about me: here
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