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Eight Bit

I'm going to try selling this once more then throw in the towel. XD

I've decided to do a cool kinda package deal thing with them so, here's what you get:

1 full year of Madousho (fanclub magazines) issues. (spans December 2005 to Jan/Feb combined issue 2006) Issues have tons of behind the scenes pictures of the band and include the last issues where Juka was part of the band, the "sneak peek" members got of K before he was publically announced as a member, and LOADS of fun Mana related things as well as lots of other stuff.

The fanclub binder to keep them all in. Features the MDM logo on the front.

The blank parchement coloured member card. (I never filled in my name so it's all yours)


A copy (used but perfect condition) of MDM's "Pageant" single

3 MDM fliers (2 different "Beyond the Gate" and 1 "Invite to Immorality" I can't promise these are in A+ shape but they're definitely in one piece!)

And a "mystery" present that has to do with the fanclub and MDM, but I'll only divulge that through e-mail to parties who are intrested in purchasing.

Through talking to some people I found out issues can be bought for 16 - 24 dollars each but I want to sell them all together so all this can be yours!! For the sum of: 160.00 USD (plus shipping)

If intrested contact me and we will work out shipping costs. eightbitbravo@gmail.com
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