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Only through now Monday, November 11-- all priority shipping 20% off! (Meaning get your items faster and cheaper!)

FREE SHIPPING FOR THE FIRST TWO USERS TO PURCHASE THIS WEEKEND USING INSTANT PAYPAL! (comment on this post with what you want, NOT in my journal!)

All prices negotiable!

-Petshop of Horrors, 1-6 for $20, shipping included
-Cute Pochacco planner, $3
-All non-holo Yu-Gi-Oh cards .05 <---- That's a NICKEL! All will come in a large, protective sheet. Buy more, and price goes down even lower!
-Inu-Yasha 1st season (epi 1-36) + movie for $18
-ALL ENGLISH MANGA $4.50, $3.75 with purchase of three or more

-D.N.Angel sticker tin http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a42/crystal_star_ss/DSCN0853.jpg
-BPAL imps, being posted as I go through them, $2
-Fruits Basket posters, $4
-Asuka magazines (telephone book-sized!), $4

-Lovely, deep emerald-green collar and cuff set. It's comfortable and malleable, has suede (I believe) on the back for added comfort, and in cool to the touch on both sides. Even more, it's only been worn once! I'm sad to let this go, as the manufacturer is no long in existence, but I don't have anything green.

Gothic and Lolita
-Gothic and Lolita Bible vol 18, $15
-Hime gloves (powder pink, opera length)

=D I'll be adding more later on today!


------> And don't forget to read the rules of the first post.
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