racoutlet (racoutlet) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Attn: blackjackrocket

I'm violating the every-three-days posting rule here, but as this pertains to a current transaction rather than a sales post, I'm hoping the mods will allow it.

I'm trying to contact <B>blackjackrocket</b> pertaining a current transaction.  I've been e-mailing her for the past two weeks  -  from multiple accounts, just in case the messages from my original account were accidentally chucked by her spam filter.  I haven't received a reply.  I need her to provide her mailing address.

She posted in here a few days ago labeling me a scammer; I'm not, and I've linked to copies of the e-mails I've sent, with headers, in a reply to that  post.  (I hadn't checked the community in a  few days; I apologize for the delay in responding.)  I don't know how else to contact her but her journal and her Yahoo mail account; if anyone else can get a message to her, I'd appreciate it.

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