-BERRY- (berry_dream) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Selling some J-Rock things mainly Gazette

I'm selling some
J-Rock Magazines, Flyer, Postcards and Sticker!

the GazettE ANCafe Nightmare postcard sheet Shoxx *klick*

the GazettE sticker sheet Filth in the Beauty *klick*

All these items are on eBay and will end in one week!

Neo Genesis Vol. 10 *klick*

Bands: GazettE, AnCafe, Mucc, SID, Shou and Saga (Alice Nine), Kagrra, Ni~Ya (Nightmare), Riku(Phantasmagoria) x Miyawaki Wataru(12012) x Jui(Vidoll), KISAKI x Eiji (Himitsu Kessha kodomoA) x Ko~Ji (Arc) x Jin (Nega) x Ren (Dari) x Kairi (Siva), Imitation PoPs Uchu Sentai NOIZ, Ayabie

Neo Genesis Vol. 14 *klick*

Bands: Gazette, Vidoll, Miyavi, LM.C, Kagrra, Plastic Tree, Alice Nine, AnCafe, Musk, Mix Speaker's Inc.,

Shoxx bis No. 11

Bands: Gazette, Ayabie, Imitation PoPs uchuu sentai NOIZ, SANA, Kra

Shoxx Bis No. 14

Bands: Gazette, Alice Nine, Kra, LM.C, GuysFamily, D

The GazettE Pulse Wrifggling to the Black 1.5 Flyer

The GazettE Poster Arena 37°C Special Vol. 33

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