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Double POKEMON ZUKAN Group Buy

Anybody up for a group buy? There is a Zukan Set on Ebay for about $100.00 shipped, and we wanted to know if anyone would like to make a group order. They are also selling a second set that you might express interest in, and we can order it as well :3

It is the Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald Zukan Set 2 and Diamond and Pearl Set 3 (look at Zukan Ranger's website for images).

Magikarp Zukan Keeping
Torchic+evo Zukan On hold for: raifreak
Zigzagoon+evo Zukan On hold for: space_fight
Skitty+evo Zukan On hold for: moonloop
Seedot+evo Zukan
Wingull+evo Zukan
Tentacool+evo Zukan On hold for: tonko
Illumise+evo Zukan
Slugma+evo Zukan
Flygon+evo Zukan On hold for: tonko
Jirachi on Cliff

We need to sell AT LEAST three more sets!

Availible (Diamond and Pearl set):
Dialga Zukan Keeping
Buneary+evo Zukan Keeping
Glaceon/Leafeon Zukan Keeping
Chimchar + Evo Zukan On hold for: mrjazzhands
Electabuzz+evos On hold for: kasaii

We need to sell the last set (Budew, Roselia, ect!)

Due to the price, each set will be about:
$7.00 a peice + $3.00 shipping + $2.00 shipping to you (However, if the price is too high for the zukan you want, we can probably work something out.)

Paypal only please. We have to request you pay in advance. :3 If anything ends up being wrong with the figure (broken, ect.) we can work something out, such as partial refund, ect.

Let us know if anyone is interested, and here is the link to the auction:

and the other auction:

Thank you
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