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-All items come form a smoke free home & are in excellent condition.
-If interested in any of the following items leave a post and I will get back to you soon.
-All prices listed reelect before shipping.
-Most items are shipped in a bubble wrap envelope with postage normally ranging under$5.00

-The more items you buy the better of a deal you get on shipping.
-Shipping quotes can be given if you leave me your zipcode and mention the item interested in.
-I will ship outside the USA.

Tenchi series Keychain (blue hair) $ 2.50
Trigun Milly Keychain  $2.50
 Ah My Goddess
Peorth Keychain 2.00
Bundle Price (all 3 keychains) $5.00

(The end of Eva, what does it all mean?) w/ special interview with Amanda Winn-Lee
Eng VA for Rei Ayanami
Eva Issue-Sept 2002 vol10 No. 9
My Price $4.00

Ceres Issue w/ an interview from Yu watase
Vol 9 #4

My Price $4.00

Bundle price (both magazines) $6.00

Sold as a set only $2.00

RARE and HARD to find
Essence (May, 2001) *Released in the US*
Book includes art from Serial Experiments Lain, Haibane Renmei art before Yoshitoshi became a professional.
Price: $15.00-on hold

Serial Experiments Lain Art Book-
Visual Experiments Lain (1 out of the
RARE & Hard to find
His works have an edgy style due to, among other things, his not using a ruler while drawing as is usual for most anime-style art. He first gained fame in his work on the avant-garde anime Serial Experiments Lain. He is also responsible for the concept and character design for the series NieA under 7. He is the creator of the doujinshi Haibane Renmei which was then adapted into an anime.

calander has never been written . Images work great as wall art to be pinned or framed.
Price $5.00

Cardholder is not in mint condition. Item has very minor tear in the bottom right hand corner, otherwise in wonderfill condition. Book has 19 card sleeves, each sleeve has 3 card slots (holds op to57 cards). Book also comes with 2 lami cards and 13 character cards form the origional VHS tapes.



 Sticker collection comes with 5 out of the 6 sheets it was packaged with. I cant seem to find the sticker sheet of Nagisa Kaworu. Other wise, the set is complete and in Mint Condition.

Another rare Item.
Price $8.00

 By Kia Asamiya-
is the pen-name of a popular Japanese manga artist Michitaka Kikuchi whose work spans multiple genres.

Love &Chaos collection  vol 1-5 sold as a set

Silent Mobius- Into the labrynth Vol3
Price 1.50

Mobius Klien
Single issue not a series
Price $3.00

Comic Bundle (all 7 comics)

No. 2
Price $1.50

Bottom image Trio
Queen Sayoko Series Vol 1-3
sold as a trio set
Price $5.00

Super Urd (top Right Image) single comic series
Price $ 1.50

Another me (Urds Angel) 40 pages (top middle comic)
Price $3.00

The Fourth Goddess (last comic on top row)
Price $1.50
Comic Bundle Price$6.50

Infinite Ryvius Board in mint condition and comes in origional protective sleeve

Price $5.00





Price $5.00

Also all previous item listed from my last post can bee viewed form this link

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