boom boom (orkhid) wrote in garagesalejapan,
boom boom

I am really new at this buying/recieving payments things.
Sorry..XD;; I think I will get the hang of it later though.
oh well, i have decided to clear most of my anime/manga collections and I just finished
indexing all of my items...there is a long list, so you can find that at

Here are a few pics of them all.
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
I am also selling a few CDs, artbooks, and soon wallscrolls.
So..around 116 mangas, 32 DVDs, 6 CDs, and 4 artbooks.
Also, I am not really familiar with other types of payment rather than paypal...
can someone explain the other types? XD;; Oh yeah, i also need to get a credit/checking card soon...O__O;

Also, it is my first time selling things,
so are there things that I can do to make the site easier/better?
I think I am allowed to set up an official site with this program, but i dunno.
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