Just a test. (onegai_sensei) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Just a test.

Dvds & Manga

Hey I am back with more. You can make best offer. Please just US residents only for right now, I am unfamliar to ship to anywhere else! Shipping will be from $2-5, depends.

I am selling the R1 box set of Gravitation. Id like to sell it as a whole not individual. (best offer)
I will take picture if you really want to see.

Other dvds (region 1)
8 clouds rising
Ah! My Goddess the movie
Sakura Wars the movie
Blue Seed Beyond (eps 1-3)
Rahxephon (eps 1-5)(comes with box for little xtra)
Saiyuki the movie (brand new out of wrapping but never been watched! tag is still on top)
Witch Hunter Robin (dvds 1-4 also have art box for little xtra)

HK dvds (all region, whole tv series):
Gunparade march
Ai Yori Aoishi Enishi
Kare Kano
Prince of Tennis (seasons 1-6)
Ceres Celestial Legend

Manga ($7 for one shipped or $13 for 2):
Descendents of Darkness 1-2
Alice 19th 1-2
Demon Diary 1-3 (I dont think anyone bought it?)
Getbackers 1-3
Mermaid Saga
Pretear 1-3
GTO 1-4,6
Real Bout High 1,3-6
Prince of Tennis 1
Tsubasa 1-2 ($15 both or $8 each)
Doll 2-3
Excel Saga 4
Instant Teen

I can Trade also but only for english versions:
Model vol 2+
Kizuna 2+
Selfish Love 2+
Only the ring finger knows
Legal Drug 1+
Level C
(or if you think there is something I might like just ask)

I take paypal, cash at your own risk, and money order. I prefer paypal though.
questions email: sensei_x1999 @ yahoo dot com
Also only serious trade or buy please ^_^.

Also in the near future I might sell two box sets of Saiyuki region 1 dvds, what do you think is a fair price to ask? Each set is 6 dvds each.
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