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Have some new items as well as some that didn't sell previously. Right now I'm only shipping to the US, sorry =/. Prices don't include shipping, as shipping will be calculated by where you live. So if you want to know the S&H price, please include your zip code. Those who might've commented on my last entry but didn't get back to me on the items requested, please do so if you still wish to claim them. If multiple people request one item, I'll wait 24 hours for the first to request to verify their purchase.

Anime DVDs (Reg. 1):

Saiyuki vol. 1: $7
Sailor Moon Live Action - Special Act (Wedding Special): $7
Stellvia vol. 1: $7
Cosplay Encyclopedia: $5
Chrono Crusade vol. 1: $7
Argentosoma vol. 1: $5
Cowboy Bebop vol. 6: $7
Cardcaptor Sakura the movie: $7
Rahxephon vol. 3 & 4: $5 each
Noir vol. 2 & 4: $5 each

Excel Saga vol. 5 (signed by Hilary Haag, American voice actress of Menchi): $14
Close up of sig:

Manga (English):

Angel Sanctuary vol. 1 & 2: $5 each
Mars vol. 1-2 3-6: $5 each
Angelic Layer vol. 1: $5
Demon Diary vol.1: $5
Model vol.1: $5
Imadoki vol.1: $5
The Ring vol. 1: $5
Darkside Blues: $5
Chobits vol. 3 & 8: $5 each
Kare Kano vol. 2: $5

Shounen Jump Sampler vol. 2: $3

DVD Boxsets - Hong Kong:

Maria-sama ga Miteru (entire series) - $15


Angel Dust [Angel Flavor] - Aoi Nanase Illustrations - $10
Sample 1:
Sample 2:

Ayashi no Ceres - Yuu Watase - $8 (no obi)
Sample 1:
Sample 2:

Fatal Frame Series Fanbook/Artbook - Project Zero Now on Ebay
Link to Ebay Auction


Narumi Kakinouchi Collection (Artist of Vampire Princess Miyu)- $5
Book has binding damage from when it shipped to me -
Everything is still included inside protective plastic covering.
Sample 1:

Games (PS2):

Xenosaga Episode 1: $8 On Hold
Kingdom Hearts: $8 On Hold
Bloody Roar 3: $8


Dragonball Z: Trunks saga + History of Trunks (with artbox): $15


Sailor Moon - Sailor Venus 12" doll: $10

Right now I'm only accepting PayPal -
You can contact me via the same email address. Thanks!
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