shinji_hiroshi (shinji_hiroshi) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Beanies anyone?

Would ANYONE be interested in Beanie Baby's the TY ones. I'm 'TRYING'(is the key word lol) to clean our upstairs out, and the backroom is just filled with things I don't want/need anymore, and I just want it gone so I don't have to worry about stumbeling in the spare room looking for things. I've got two tote boxes just filled with beanies, and I'm certain we've got more stashed in that room, so if anyone is interested in them, please leave a message and I'll get some pictures up tommorow.

Bear Beanies: 2.50(each)
Non Bears: 2.00(each)

Fair deal really, considering you pay 5.00 plus tax at a store for these things. For each 10 dollars bought, I'll toss in an extra beanie baby. Shipping will depend on how many you get.

I've got beanies from 1997-2000.

Like I said, I REALLY just want them gone and out of here, so we got spare room. My grandmothers a packrat, and I get slightly annoyed with all her junk cluttering the upstairs, as this is my room.
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