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Stuff For Sale


Kagrra promotional poster. Never hung, folded like it came to me.

Paine poster, hung a few times, still in good condition.

Darkstalkers/Vampire Hunter poster. Hung a few times, still in good condition.


Crazy Love Story Volume 1 [Brand new, never read]

Tokyo Mew Mew Volume 3 [Never Read]

Faries Landing Volume 1 [Read Once]


Gate Keepers TV Series soundtrack. Brand new, never listened to. I bought it cause it had a cute cover and I went through a phase of buying random anime soundtracks and cds lol It's really never been listened to, still in excellent condition.

Maison Ikkoku Complete Vocal Collection ~TV Series~
Just like the other one, this was an impluse buy x.x I actually didn't even know the name of it until now XD anyway it's brand new, never listened to, in great condition 18 tracks.

Paypal (ONLY by balance or bank account, if you use paypal with a credit card you must pay the fee)
Money order or WELL concealed cash.
Shipping Depends on where you live.

Please email me or comment with questions or interest. Thanks.
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