yay_affluenza (yay_affluenza) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Crawling Gloomy Bear cub wind-up on eBay

I'm selling this hard-to-find NIB crawling wind-up toy of Gloomy Bear on eBay. It's Gloomy when he was just a cub! No fearsome claws or splatters of blood, just an adorable, pink little bear with an oversized head - and a 1" retro plastic key embedded in his side. Turn the key, set Baby Gloomy down on a flat surface, and he crawls away on all fours, surprisingly fast.

At the time of this posting, the highest bid is $17. Auction ends in 3 1/2 days, on the night of Jan 8.

Please go here to place your bid!

I also have a light blue Hello Kitty shoulder bag (on eBay), a Japanese-language Go Nagai artbook, a softcover spiral-bound edition of Asian Cook by Terry Tan, a hardcover spiral-bound edition of Healthy Asian Vegetarian Dishes (Learn to Cook series) by Rohani Jelani, and Inuyasha Vol. 24 (Japanese Edition, ISBN: 4091256449). Will be posting the books to Amazon soon, but I'm willing to sell direct too. Post below if you'd like more info.
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