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kiyoharu 35X cd+dvd/pamphlet, and poster for sale, algonquins and hell cat punks clothes x posted

I can only accept paypal right now, sorry. all prices includes shipping anywhere. I have feedback on ebay as physical_neurose.

Kiyoharu 35X Pamphlet and dvd+cd talk session $35
perfect condition and barely used

Pamphlet cover. approx 30 pages. 5.5 in x 7 in (width x height)


Double sided Kiyohauru poster $15
11.5 in x 16.5 in (width x height)
used, but still in good condition (has thumbtack holes in corners)
I apologize for the bad photos u_u


Algonquins skirt (not sure what it's exactly called) $25
used, but still in great condition. stretchy/has draw string ties. this is true to its colors(black and white)

waist: ~36 in max
total length: 13 in

Algonquins cutsew (also not sure of the name) $30
used, but still in great condition. stretchy with a gathered neck/turtle neck (lol). this is true to its colors (black, grey, and white)
sleeve length: 22 in
total width:19~22 in max
total length: 25 in / including the neck part 33 in

Hell Cat Punks Onepiece $60
bought used from closet child, but arrived in like new condition w/tags (which I still have).
width: 16 in max
length: approx. 30 in
sleeve length: approx. 26 in
material has little to no stretch

sorry for the horrible photo. I wanted to prove that I do indeed own it. I don't have any other images of myself in it D:

stock photos from closet child...

thanks for looking :D
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