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For Sale: Peach Girl 1-8, Ai yori Aoshi, Sailor Moon, Fushigi Yugi, and More

I've added these Peach Girl books since my last sales post:

They are volumes 1-8, in english, published by Tokyopop. These are the original printings of the Peach Girl manga and are out of print now. They are in excellent condition, adult-owned, etc. I am offering them for $40 (they retail for $80, $10 each), and I will not be breaking up the set at the moment. If I see a lot of people just need single volumes, then I might break it up. Shipping is calculated depending on where you live and how fast you want it, although the cheapest method is media mail and that will be a few bucks for just about anyone in the USA.

Other stuff I have for sale includes Sailor Moon manga, Ai Yori Aoishi anime (the commplete series, brand-new), Fushigi Yugi trading cards and manga, Yuu Watase manga, CLAMP manga, Hello Kitty accessories, Bleach wallscrolls, posters, and video games.

So please click below if you are interested :D I take paypal, money orders, and concealed cash (at your own risk).

Prices are negotiable if reasonable!

Shipped prices are based on domestic (USA) postage only. Please inquire for shipping abroad.


Ephemeral Fantasia- Used condition, comes complete with book, disc, and original packaging. Asking for $10.


Ai Yori Aoshi Complete Series Set- BRAND NEW. Factory sealed, 8 individually packaged region 1 DVDs (not slimpack). OUT OF PRINT. Looking for $45-$50.


Sailor Moon volume 12 manga- Japanese. Comes with color insert/poster. In good condition minus the water damage shown in photos on the pages. Looking for $5 shipped.


Fushigi Yugi Trading cards- Tamahome, Hotohori, and 2 clear cards are sold. All in excellent condition and adult owned. Came in North American release of VHS many years ago, so they are pretty rare and are definitely out of print. Looking to get maybe $1 per card. Shipping depends on if I can fit your order into a letter envelope or if I have to buy the slightly bigger kind at the PO.

Yuu Watase (2 copies for sale)

Yuu Watase "Kiss me with Mint" Manga- Only 1 volume available. In Japanese. In excellent condition. Looking for around $5 shipped.


Fushigi Yugi Volume 2- In english. In good condition. Looking for $5 shipped.


Tokyo Babylon 4 Manga- In English. Brand-new condition. Looking for $5 shipped.

Bleach Wallscroll

Bleach Wallscroll- In Excellent condition. Shipping for this will probably be expensive, so I'm hoping just to be able to sell it for $15-$20 shipped.

Brown HK Tin/Purse
Purple HK Tin/Purse
Purple HK Tin/Purse Side
Brown HK Tin/Purse Side

Hello Kitty Tins- In good condition, minus the light scratching on the side of the purple one and the sticky from the price tag on the side of the brown. Looking for $5 each, free shipping if you buy both. Shipping to be calculated if you just buy one.

Tenjou Tenge Poster
Love Hina Naru Poster

Tenjou Tenge and Love Hina Posters- Both in excellent condition. Hoping for $5 shipped each (tube included in that price). If you buy both, the price will be $7 shipped because I can fit both in one tube. If you buy one (or both) in combination with the Bleach wallscroll, posters are $2 each because they can be fit in the Bleach tube.

Thanks for looking! I am really desperate to get rid of this stuff so please comment if you want to make a deal.

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