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I've got feedback on eBay under poirier5185

Payment by Paypal only please. I can take CC. Buyer pays shipping. All prices, unless otherwise stated, are in Canadian dollars.

I'm selling the Alice and The Pirates vest+skirt set from last year's Lucky pack.
I would like 100$ without shipping for the set, though I am open to negotiation. I will gladly split the shipping costs.
I've only worn it out about 3/4 times, and it is in excellent condition. Comes from a non smoking home, though I do have dogs. However, they can't get at my lolita clothes when they're not being worn.

(pardon the lighting differences, but they really are the same colour!)

Chest: approx. 34 inches
length: approx.18.5 inches

Waist: approx. 26 inches, it's elasticated/shirred in the back so it could probably go up a couple more
length (without the Mortal Kombat flap):18 inches

Hardcovers- 2$
The Kingless Land- Ed Greenwood
The Lone Drow- Ra Salvatore

And, if you are interested, I've got quite a stack of paperbacks. If you're interested in a list, just ask. I'd like 1$ for each of them.
I've also got a number of trade paperback omnibus' that I'm getting rid of. If you are interested in a list of them, please ask. I'd like $1.50 for them. :]

MANGA- 2 $

Anime Mania: How To Draw Characters for Japanese Animation- Christopher Hart
Under the Glass Moon 1,2- Ka Ya-Seong
Comic Party 1,2- Sekihiko Inui
Arcana 1-3- So Young-Lee
Gundam Wing Episode Zero- Katsuyuki Sumisawa, Akira Kanbe
Death Note 1- Tsugumi Ohba, Takeshi Obata
Battle Angel Alita 1- Yukito Kishiro
Model 1-5- Lee So-Young
Kare Kano 1- Masami Tsuda
Rave Master 1- Hiro Mashima
Yu-Gi-Oh! 1- Kazuki Takahashi
The All New Tenchi Muyo! 1- Hitoshi Okuda
Lament of the Lamb 1- Kei Toume
Threads of Time 1- Mi Young Noh
Wedding Peach 1- Nao Yazawa
Remote 1-5- Seimaru Amagi, Tetsuya Koshiba
Baby Birth 1-2- Sukehiro Tomita, Haruhiko Mikimoto (COMPLETE SERIES)
Brigadoon 1-2- Nozomi Watase (COMPLETE SERIES)
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed 1-3- Masatsugu Iwase, Hajime Yatate, Yoshiyuki Timono
Forbidden Dance 1-2, Hinako Ashihara
Immortal Rain 1-6, Kaori Ozaki

VHS (most of these are dubbed [also, they're all in used condition, since I got them second-hand])- 2$ (or you could take the lot for 15 =o)
Babel II Complete Collection
Wild 7
Heroic Legend of Arislan parts 3&4
Ogre Slayer
Heroic Legend of Arislan: Age of Heroes
Yu Yu Hakusho Ghost Files- Yusuke Lost, Yusuke Found (first volume)
Junk Boy
GateKeepers Infiltration!
Heroic Legend of Arislan Part 1

Also selling DDRMAX 2 and my dance pad. The dance pad is one of those boring soft ones, I've had it for a few years but it still works fine. I'm selling this stuff because I hardly use it anymore.
Game includes manual and everything, but keep in mind that this is the North American one.

I'd like 30$ CAD for both.
I can provide pictures if you want them.

Iplehouse Louis with airbrushed faceup by Yuki of Generation Why, who is no longer accepting commissions. Purchased in April of 2006. I'm selling him because I haven't done anything with him since August. Has Iple's type two body, which is 63cm tall. This doll was 605$ new, without the faceup by Yuki. I would like 500$ USD with all of the extras (150$+). 105$ LESS than what this doll would cost new, without the extras! I'll happily take layaway.
Yes, I will split him. Make me an offer.
I'll happily split the shipping costs to anywhere in the world. <3
He comes with:
-3 wigs (2 fiber, 1 fur)
-Eyes (16mm sea green Glasstics)
-"leather" Dollmore pants
-Shirt, also Dollmore
-Kimono robe thing (it's got skulls and crossbones on it)
-Carrying bag
-Extra elastic
-A little felt top hat
-A small brown dog thing
-Two little plush rabbits with bows on
-Applied eyelashes

PICTURES, BY GOD (though there are nudes of the body, and it is anatomically correct)


Thank you~

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