garagesaleleann (garagesaleleann) wrote in garagesalejapan,

so many things for sale or trade!!!

I've been updating a lot the past couple weeks and (hopefully) this should be it for awhile

  • japanese fashion magazines
  • anime figures, posters, fliers, trading cards
  • manga, comics, free comics/sneaks
  • TONS of freebies!
  • dvds, cds
  • asian fashion, kawaii jewelry
  • cosmetics, purses
  • gothic demonia brand knee-high boots
  • tons of punk merch
  • pullip dolls/doll clothing
  • sanrio goods/lingerie
  • gothic lolita clothing scrapbooking
  • and sooooo much more!
totally up for trades as well, please check out my wishlist!


and in case anyone doesn't want to look at my journal, here's a short version of my wishlist:

  • Mizuno Junko comics/clothing/figures
  • tokidoki clothing
  • korean tv drama -  "as you wish...Ruler of your own world"
  • hello kitty black leggings
  • kera maniax vol. 8
  • jenny or momoko dolls
  • clamp chess pieces
  • vampire knight merchandise or furoku
  • full metal panic monsieur bome figures (chidori)
  • Rozen maiden figures, trading cards
  • maid cafe trading figures
  • shojo beat dec. 2007 or just the calendar
  • tokyo mew mew vol. 2-7
  • rozen maiden vol. 6-7
  • shugo chara vol. 3+
  • absolute boyfriend vol. 5+
  • monster vol. 7+
  • nana vol. 5+
  • imadoki vol. 4-5
  • vampire knight manga vol. 4+
  • Bizenghast vol. 4-5
  • Shinshoku Kiss vol. 1-2
  • Suikoden III vol 3-11
  • suikoden figures, artbooks, ps1 games 1 or 2
  • Blazing Dragons ps1 game
  • Final Fantasy 4-6 for GBA
Tags: anime, collectibles, dolls: general, fashion: egl, magazines, manga: english, music: other, posters
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