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Hi so im new to all this type of thing and this is my first post here!
sorry if this is wrong or something.

Im selling clothes, paintings and hannari tofu squares.

i do ship worldwide, shipping prices vary depending on where you are.
ask for prices.
paypal only, sorry. 
all items are shipped from england.

Pink spiderweb Criminal damage polo shirt. 
size = s/m
worn once & has been washed once.

Black criminal damage polo shirt.
size = s
worn twice and washed twice.

Black and white skinny tie.
never worn. 

Blue scarf.
never worn.
close up:

(im at the point where photobucket has stopped working and my internet is breaking down so links for pics from now on!)

Orange net underskirt.
size = M 
worn once.
Has a tiny rip which is barly noticeable at the back, and a sharpie mark which is again hardly noticable.
sharpie mark:

Black and purple striped wolly jumper.
size= S
never worn.
close up on star:

Black fuzzy roll neck jumper.
size=S but it is quite big so would probably fit a M too.
worn once. 
(it looks werid because its not on a person, but it is actually very nice when its on.)

hannari tofu square phone holder
only a yellow one left.

I also have paintings, so if anyone is interested in a painting, they can be custom made (as in you choose a picture you would like painted)  just say.
Heres an example of a miyavi painting.

Any other questions just ask =]
also tell me if ive done anything wrong.

Tags: fashion: general

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