Katherine Pryde Snape (kurtskitten) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Katherine Pryde Snape

No updates this time, but I do have some price cuts/sales in my Video Games (take 20% off of any game purchase) and Manga sections (all US and Japanese manga, excluding phonebooks, are now $5 + shipping regardless of what the page says) and the lot of kind of random Japanese manga is now $20 shipped.

Look for an update to my unsorted goods section in the next couple of days because I'll be listing some items I will only be taking offers on (no pricing) including cels, possibly some US Sailor Moon merch/dolls, and some other weird/rare items.

As always, feel free to haggle or trades for something from my wishlist. I need to clarify that my prices assume that you are not combining shipping; if you are then the listed price is the most your order will be, but it may well be less if. For a better price, please e-mail your mailing address as soon as possible to Komodowski(at)yahoo(dot)com. My prices all include shipping included for everywhere in the continental US except the West Coast, which I'll have to get quotes for on a case by case basis.

My active collections are still purchase-able, depending on what the item is, how much I want to keep it, and how badly I need money at the moment.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask, but you might want to take a look at my sales guidelines and technical info first.
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