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FS: Pink Lolita Dress and Some Kawaii items!

I am selling my dress and some Kawaii items. I am sad to say that but I need cash.  The dress has only been worn once and is in perfect condition. It comes with a white apron.  I accept cash or money orders. (I am not allowed to have a paypal....)I am only selling within the USA. My post office won't ship outside of the United States. I am selling it for $45 or may trade for the following items at the bottom of the entry.  I can ship regular which is cheaper or priority which is a bit more expensive.The dress is made of non-stretch material so try to stick to the measurements but around the waist and arms have elastic  so  an inch or two may fit.  Any questions feel free to ask. 
Length: 31.5 in.
Shoulder: 19in (Since the sleeves are poofy they should allow a bit more room)
Waist: 34in. (It can be streched One or two inches)
Bust: 34 in 
Arms: 15in. But the elastic streckes very well and bigger armed girls can wear it.
Pic of the dress:
 The collar is not included on the dress.

Me in the dress to show what it looks like on a person:

Kawaii items:
 HK 6 Envolopes Price: $4
Super Cute Turtle keychain Price: $3

Trade List:( Alot of this stuff no one is probly willing to trade for but worth a shot!)
SD Cherry Girl
MSD Assasin
M.J. ( In Stock please)
Drta ( In Stock please)
Nomado ( Can be Nude)
Another Alice ( Any one will do as long as they are in tock)
Following Remets

Any j-Dolls ( Clothed ones)
Haute Magazines (Newer issues)

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