Quin (quintaessentia) wrote in garagesalejapan,

odds and ends

Click on the picture above or click here to go to my sales page.

I have some odds and ends that hopefully can find new homes. Most of the stuff is Fullmetal Alchemist related, including:
  • Roy Mustang plushie from FMA: Conqueror of Shamballa
  • Gashapon (Riza, Envy, Ed, and Winry)
  • Over 30 FMA doujinshi (mainly gag)
  • Keychains/cell phone charms (Lust, Envy, Scar, Wrath, Roy, Ed, Al, and Winry)

And here's my other stuff for sale:
  • Fruits Basket complete DVD set (4 volumes)
  • Two How to Draw Anime & Game Characters books
  • D.N.Angel manga, volumes 10 and 11
  • Star Wars manga
  • Trinity Blood manga, volume 1
  • Sakura Wars the Movie DVD
  • Gunslinger Girl, volume 2 DVD
  • Angelic Layer, volume 4 DVD
  • A Japanese language crash course set of 3 CDs
  • and a Shojo Beat June 2006 magazine with a DVD preview of Full Moon O Sagashite

I also have various small freebies available if something is purchased from me! Thanks!
Tags: anime, doujinshi
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