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Let's make room in my house!

I want this stuff gone; I need the room badly. So! It's super cheap time. All CDs are either $3 or $5 each, except when noted. DVDs are different prices, look at the item description.

Kome Kome Club



Other stuff:
A SMAP shirt
One Piece marionettes
Sailor Moon toys
Chobits cell phone strap

Please don't ask me to hold an item if you can't pay within a week. I will make exceptions, but not very often. I do not enjoy setting an item aside, expecting payment for weeks and finally being told "I don't want it anymore". Please don't subject me to this D:
Payment methods: Concealed US cash, checks (10-day clearing period), POSTAL money orders, PayPal.

Shipping: I send everything by USPS. This means that the minimum shipping charge will be $4 (Priority mail, up to six CDs). If you live outside of the US, depending on method minimum shipping charge is from $5-9.

Authenticity, region, language, all that crap: All DVDs are R2. Everything is Japanese press except Arashic. Absolutely no bootlegs.
Conditions: Everything is in good condition unless otherwise noted. Buy with confidence; no one has ever complained about what I sent them. XD;


rice - Haruka, Kurogane singles. Haruka has a crack in the case but is otherwise in good condition. $3 each.

Lareine - Setsurenka, Doukeshi no Bukyoku and Cinderella Fantasy singles. All are double (CD+DVD) releases; the DVDs contain the PVs for their respective single. $5 each.
Lareine - Majesty and Princess. All are in very good condition and are out of print. If you buy Princess, you get the Princess message CD-R from Third Stage that came with it(case on that isn't in such great condition). $5 each.

B'z - Gold. In good condition. $3

B'z - Calling and Hadashi no Megami singles. Calling is a little beat, but Hadashi no Megami is in good condition. $3 each.

B'z - The True Meaning of Brotherhood and Jap The Ripper VHS. Free if you pay the shipping.

Gevil - Matsuri Tengoku and Dakara Konya singles. Both are LE with DVDs - Matsuri Tengoku has live performances, Dakara Konya has the PV for the single. This is a great band, matsuri rock-themed. Lots of heavy drumming. $3 each.

Kome Kome Club - Ricism DVD. $20, in great condition.

Kishidan - Kishidan Gensho Kanzenban 2000-2002 and Kishidan Banpaku 2003 Kisarazu Global Communication DVDs. Both are in great condition. Descriptions are here:
Banpaku 03 is two disc. $20 each or both for $35.

TOKIO - Round I DVD. In great condition. All of their PVs plus making-of's from uhh... Doitsumo Koitsumo (I think?) through Green. $15

Ulfuls - BANZAI Tenth Anniversary edition. In excellent condition. Comes with a DVD with something on it that I can't remember. I think it's PVs. $5.

Arashi - Jidai first press single. In excellent condition. Comes with those folded poster things of each member, as pictured. $10.

LM.C - OH MY JULIET! single. Excellent condition. $5

DJ OZMA - A bunch of singles and albums. And a DVD. $40 for all of it.
Age Age Every Knight
Sunjon ~Junjou~
One Night
Shippu Jinrai Inochi OM-BA-YE
E.Yo.Ne!! (sealed)
Tokyo Boogie Back (sealed)
I Love Party People
I Love Party People 2
Age Age Endless Knight

Misc. items:

Chii cell phone strap. Never used, still in package. $3.

A SMAP shirt. It's from their 05 tour. It says "High! SMAP" and it's yellow. It is a size small. $30.

Sanji marionette! He's kind of dusty and there's a dirt spot on his face but other than that he's ok. $5.

Zoro marionette! He's not as dusty as Sanji and doesn't have any dirt spots. Please buy him. $5.

Sailor Moon Uranai Roulette. It's a little slot machine kind of thing. It comes with little plastic coins to put in and I guess it tells your fortune, but it seems to have absolutely no entertainment value at all.
I would be so mad if I was a kid and someone gave this to me. Make an offer.

Sailor Moon Moon Melody Pouch. It's a locket with little discs that you put in and it plays the song corresponding to the disc. It is a magical and wonderful thing. In great condition. Make an offer.

Sailor Moon cassette tape player. I took it out of its package once to look at it, at which point one of the ear bud's foam dissolved in my hand. I guess it was done with life. The box is kind of beat too, but this is a pretty neat item so you should buy it anyway. Make an offer.

Thanks so much for looking, and if you have any questions please let me know. :)

I'm also selling Arashi's "ARASHIC", Thai LE with a DVD on ebay. It's EXACTLY the same as the Japanese version, but meant for Thailand.
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