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T.M.Revolution Mini Disc Singles plus three full-length Pierrot albums

Here are my remaining T.M.Revolution mini disc singles plus three full-length Pierrot albums (ID ATTACK, Finale, and Heaven) plus the Mad Sky single. All singles are $3.00 each. CDs $15.00 each. All are official Japanese printings with inserts, etc.


1. Finale
2. Haruka...
3. Creative Master
4. Kanata e...
5. Eco=system
6. Magnet Holic
7. Mad Sky
8. Sacred
9. Icaross
10. Last Letter
11. Clear Sky
12. Child
13. Newborn Baby

1. Heaven
2. Shingetsu
3. Dramatic Neo Anniversary
4. Home Sick
5. Love and Peace
6. Cocoon
7. Believer
8. Automation Air
9. Kowareteiku kono sekai de
10. Over Dose
11. Rebirth Day
12. Birth Day


ID Attack
1. a pill
2. Psychedelic Lover
3. Daybreak
4. Upper Flower
5. Neogrotesque
6. Kakumei no kuroi hane
7. Acid Rain
8. Hill
9. God Bless xmexxxx
10. Morning Junky
11. Barairo no sekai
12. Answer

White Breath available.

Level 4 and Thunderbird available.

All except ID ATTACK are in plastic. All are in very good to excellent condition.

Shipping is $3.00 for one to three, $5.00 for four+. I prefer non credit card paypal but can do money orders. Please email me at
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