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doujinshi, manga, anime CDs

Items are in a variety of Japanese, Chinese and English, yaoi and non-yaoi.

All prices are in USD and do not include shipping. All books are in Japanese, and second-hand in good condition, unless otherwise stated.

I accept PAYPAL ONLY. S&H depends on the destination; I ship internationally from Australia via airmail. Please leave a comment or email me if you have any questions.


FullMetal Alchemist | Sen no Ya to Sen no Hiru, by Bomta Ohki | Roy x Ed | $8

Hikaru no Go | Daydream Generation, by Majime Takako | Kaga x Tsutsui, Isumi x Waya | $10

Hikaru no Go | Michi no Yuusei, by Kaiten Rusu | Akira x Hikaru | $10

Hikaru no Go | Atari! by Sato Naki | Hikaru x Akira | $10

Naruto | Yamai, by Bonnou Kakeru & Bonnou Meguru | Asuma x Kakashi, Iruka x Kakashi | $10

Prince of Tennis | ASYMMETRY, by Kodaka Kazuma | Inui x Kaidou | $10


Renai Junky, by Toujou Asami | $5 [SOLD]

Me de Korese! by Tokugawa Ayako | $5

Samishii Yoru no Himitsu, by Mizuno Touko | warning: SHOTACON | $5

Hoshi ni Negai wo, by Mizuno Touko | warning: SHOTACON | $5

b-Boy Zips 27: Occult Special, by various mangaka | $6


Magic Knight Rayearth vol.1-3 & Bonus Memorial Book, by CLAMP | English, brand new and unopened box set | $15

Maison Ikkoku vol.1-3, by Takahashi Rumiko | traditional Chinese, unused | $5 each or $12 for all three

Weekly Jump issue 34 2004, by various mangaka | $4


Fushigi Yuugi OST | $10

Weiss Kreuz Song Collection | $10

The Prince of Tennis op. The Best Hits ed. Since 2001 | $10
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