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[Sale] Jpop, Jrock and Anime Audio CDs

I have a long list of original japanese released Audio CDs. Im discounting 2 USD on 10 USD or 12 USD marked CDs. For bargain hunters, i have  section which listed CDs for only  $ 3 to $ 5 only.

Photos, description, and other details can be viewed in my selling journal... amane_nakashima

* I have ship worldwide via Registered Airmail from Philippines
* I accept Paypal or Western Union payments

Any clarifications, etc, pls feel free to ask by commenting in this post or head directly to my journal.

AI “365 feat. DELI” single
Aikawa Nanase "Red" album
Aiko " Kondomadeniha" single
Ami Suzuki " Infinity Eighteen Vol. 1"
Ami Suzuki "Alone in my Room" single
Ami Suzuki "Be Together" single
Ami Suzuki "Don't Need To Say Good Bye" single
Ami Suzuki "Happy New Millenium" single
Ami Suzuki "Nothing Without You" single
Ami Suzuki "White Key" single
Aya Ueto "Kansha/Mermaid" single
Ayumi Hamasaki " Evolution" single
Ayumi Hamasaki "A Song for XX" album
Ayumi Hamasaki "A" single
Ayumi Hamasaki "Appears" single
Ayumi Hamasaki "Ayu-Mi-x 4 + Selection Acoustic Ochestra Version" album
Ayumi Hamasaki "Ayu-Mi-x II version Non-stop Mega Mix" album
Ayumi Hamasaki "Carols" single
Ayumi Hamasaki "Dearest" single
Ayumi Hamasaki "Duty" album
Ayumi Hamasaki "LOVEppears" album (double disc)
Ayumi Hamasaki "I am..." album
Ayumi Hamasaki "ayu-mi-x II Non-Stop Mega Mix" album (double disc)
Ayumi Hamasaki “Kanariya” single
Ayumi Hamasaki "Never Ever" single
Ayumi Hamasaki "No Way to Say" single
Ayumi Hamasaki "Rainbow" album
Ayumi Hamasaki "Seasons" single
Ayumi Hamasaki "Super Eurobeat presents ayu-ro mix" album
Ayumi Hamasaki "Voyage" single
Ayumi Hamasaki & Keiko "A Song is Born" single
Ayumi Hamasaki “A BEST” album
Ayumi Hamasaki “ayu-mi-x 4 + selection Non-Stop Mega Mix Version”
Ayumi Hamasaki “Super Eurobeat presents ayu-ro mix 2” album
Ayumi Hamasaki “RMX WORKS from Cyber TRANCE presents ayu trance 3” album
Boa "Valenti" album
BoA "Valenti" single
Bonnie Pink "Bonnies' Kitchen #2" album
Bonnie Pink "Heaven's Kitchen" album
Double “Wonderful” album
Hikaru Utada "Deep River" album
Hikaru Utada "Distance" album
Hikaru Utada "Distance" album
Hikaru Utada "Wait & See" single
 hitomi "thermo plastic" album
Mai Kuraki "Delicious Way" album
Mai Kuraki "Secret of my Heart" single
Misia "Marvelous" album
Misia "Mother Father Brother Sister" album
Misia "Wasurenai Hibi" (Unforgettable Days) single 
Namie Amuro "181920" album
Namie Amuro "Concentration 20" album
Namie Amuro "Dance Tracks Vol.1" album
Hikaru Utada "Can You Keep A Secret?" single
Namie Amuro "Sweet 19 Blues" album
Namie Amuro "Wishing on the Same Star" single
Namie Amuro “Shine More” single
Namie Amuro “Sweet 19 Blues” album
Uehara Takako “ Come Close to me” single

Fukuyama Masaharu  "Hello" single
Fukuyama Masaharu  "Message" single
Fukuyama Masaharu  "Sakura Saka" single
Ken Hirai “The Changing Same” album
Ryuichi Kawamura "Love" album
Access "Access II" album
BUCK-TICK “Aku no Hana” album 
BUCK-TICK “Taboo” album 
B'z "Mars" album
B'z "Splash" single
La'cryma Christi "Lhasa" album
WaT "Ready Go! "single
L’Arc~en~Ciel “Heaven’s Drive” single
B'z "Wicked Beat" album
Day after Tomorrow “ Selection Best Album”
Every Little Thing "Time to Destination" album
EXILE “Breezin' ~ Together” single
EXILE “Carry On” single
EXILE “Choo Choo Train” single
HIGH and MIGHTY COLOR "Ichirin No Hana" single
Kome Kome Club "Go Funk" album
L’Arc~en~Ciel “Heart” album
L’Arc~en~Ciel “NEO UNIVERSE/finale” single
L’Arc~en~Ciel “Ray” album
L’Arc~en~Ciel “READY STEADY Go!” single
Love Psychedelico “Love Psychedelic Orchestra” album
Love Psychedelico “The Greatest Hits” album
Luna Sea "Style" album 
Luna Sea “Mother” album
m-flo “Planet Shining” album
Mongol800 "Go On As You Are" album
Mr. Children "Atomic Heart" album
Mr. Children “Discovery” album
Mr. Children “Shinkai” album
My Little Lover "Evergreen" album
Nicotine "Hola Amigo!" album
Orange Range "Michi Shirube (A Road Home)" single
Porno Graffitti "Best Red's" album
Porno Graffitti "Romantist Egoist" album
Princess Princess "Lovers" album
Rip Slyme "Time To Go" album
Rip Slyme "Tokyo Classic" album
Sads “Sad Blood Rock’N’Roll” album
Sophia "Oar" single
Southern All Stars "Ballad 3"album
Southern All Stars "Umi No Yeah" album
Southern All Stars "Young Love" album
SPITZ “RECYCLE Greatest Hits of SPITZ” album
Sugar Soul "Uzu" album
The Brilliant Green "Ai No Ai No Hoshi" single
The Brilliant Green "Terra 2001" album
The Yellow Monkey "Jaguar Hard Pain' Album
TUBE "B B Q"album
TUBE "Natsu Geshiki" album

Shadow Skill Original Soundtrack Music by Osamu Tezuka (double disc)
Dragon Ball Z OST 
Yu Yu Hakusho (Ghost Fighter) OST
Gomatto (Morning Musume) "Shall We Love?" single
Hello Project "Petit Best (Pucchi Best)" 3rd album
Morning Musume "3rd Love Paradise" album
Morning Musume "Good Morning"
Morning Musume "Mr Moonlight ~Ai No Big Band" single
SPEED "Moment The Best Album"
V.A (Morning Musume, Taiyo to Cisco Moon, Michiyo Heike, COCONUTS MUSUME) "Petit Best (Pucchi Best) KI AO AKA" album
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