Kitsuna Ri (kitsunari) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Kitsuna Ri

Doujinshi, Manga and more!

My usual items are up for sale still! I really need to sell all of this so please take a look!

The rest of my goodies (all prices are USD btw!)-


4 FMA Doujinshi- 2 Elricest and 2 Roy/Ed. All of them together for $45. Individually $15

1 XXXHolic/Tsubasa Doujin- Hentai. It's...different Oo; I bought it thinking it was something else but hey if you need something prony this is it. $10 SOLD

1 Final Fantasy Doujin- Sephiroth/Cloud $20 SOLD

Art Books:
Loveless For your Eyes Only Artbook- $35
Getbackers Manga Art Book-$15

Manga (all manga is in perfect condition unless stated otherwise) :
Tsubasa v.2 and 4 $5 each or $10 for both
Return to the Labyrinth v.1 $5
Cantarella v.1-5 $25/$5 each
Black Cat v. 1 $5
Kamikaze Kaito Jeanne v.2 $5
Magical Pokemon Journey v.1 $5

The following books cannot be traded, perhaps for Angel Sanctuary items but that's it (selling for friend) :
Evils Return v.1-3 $15/$5 each
Fruits Basket v.1-4 $20/$5 each
Model v.1-2 $10/$5 each
X-Day v.1-2 $10/$5 each

Movies (ALL USED) :
Cardcaptor Sakura DVDs v.1-2 $20/$10 each
Bleach DVD v.2 $15 SOLD
Outlaw Star Season 1 VHS Collector's set $25 (Only watched 1st VHS)

MAR Girl in pink outfit Plushie-$10 *NEW*

BJD Stuff:
MSD Scale Black and White Guitar-$20 *NEW*

SD Wickedwigs Brown Fur wig-$10

MSD Wickedwigs Orange fur wig-$10 *ON HOLD*
Picture on doll-

Black SD Dollmore maryjane style shoes-$15

18mm Grey Acrylic eyes-$10

SD NS Closed Fist hands-$10
I'm pretty sure they're from Luts, but I'm not 100% sure.

Kon'D MSD Sized Wine crimped wig-$10
It's well loved, and frizzy but it's still great! I originally bought it for $22.
If you need more pictures let me know!

My feedback:
I will do trades. Shipping is usually $4.60 though it depends on what and how much you order. Have questions? Ask!  If you want pictures, let me know!
Tags: anime, doujinshi

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