Jess*e (boredgame______) wrote in garagesalejapan,


Hello! I am in need of funds so am sadly selling 3 very awesome pairs of shoes. If you're into lolita (gothic or sweet), these black mary janes might suit you just fine:

Very slightly used, worn maybe 3 or so times tops. Very comfortable, made by Bamboo, with a very cute heart zipper across the strap.
Bidding starts at $15.00, shipping and handling not included.

If you're into gothic/punk style, these black combat style boots will suit you just fine. They can reach up to the knee, mid-calf or above the ankle with 3 removable zippered pieces.

Shown here without the top zippered section, but comes with it.

These are also only slightly used, worn 2 or so times. Comfortable and in great condition.
Bidding starts at $20.00. Shipping and handling not included.

And finally, for the cyber goth enthusiast, are very high (4" or 5") black ankle-length platforms which are surprisingly comfortable.

Only worn 2 times, these are in great condition.
Bidding starts at $20.00, shipping and handling not included.

S&H not included; willing to negotiate prices. Thanks!

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