Jenifaru- hime (aurorahermione) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Jenifaru- hime

For Sale: Anime, cute hair accessories

I have some things for sale as they are cluttering up my room. I'm trying to price things reasonably but feel free to make an offer. I take paypal, shipping is not included in the price.


Inuyasha Season 3 box set

These have been watched a few times but they're still in great condition. Comes with all the disks and the collectors coin it came with. Originally cost $100.

Price: $45

Inuyasha Movie 3

Also only watched a few times and in great condition.

Price: $10


Kagome Figure

Small figurine. It's just sat on a desk for a long time, but it's not faded or anything.

Price: $5

Full Metal Alchemist Action Figures

Fully posable action figures. They've also just been on a desk, but again, no fading.

Price: $10 each, or all 3 for $25


Both have just been on my bed, and still have the tags attached.

Price: $10 each


Inuyasha trading card game cards

I'm not sure exactly how many cards there are, but it's quite a stack.

Price: $10

Full Metal Alchemist Cards

There are movie cards (the first stack) and Anime cards (the second stack). The movie cards are all Japanese and were bought in Hong Kong.

Price: $15

Bunny Hairties (2 sets of each color available)
1 set of red and one of blue sold

Price: $8 per set

Strawberry Hairties (2 sets of each color available)

Price: $7 per set

Strawberry Hair Clips

Price: $5 per set

Thanks for looking!

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