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Hey Say Poster & Clippings & etc

Kattun Shop Photos | Hey Say Poster & Clippings are from May 2008 issue of Myojo.

There are still some shop photos. I'd like to get rid of them. Please browse through the gallery
Kattun Shop Photos
Price is 2 USD per photo
if you want haul my whole kattun photo stack (i offer free shipping and a freebie)
Poster - Hey Say Jump
Price 5 USD (negotiable, best offer and not inclusive of shipping)

Hey Say Clippings
Price 1 USD (negotiable, best offer and not inclusive of shipping)
Yamapi (Kurosagi), BAD Pinup A Side & Hey Say B Side
Price: 1 USD (negotiable & not inclusive of shipping)

You can request for other JE artist in the Myojo mag, price is 1 USD per group. This is not inclusive of shipping.

I accept paypal / concealed cash only (concealed cash at your own risk).
Tags: idols: johnny's
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