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Updated with still loads of items ^_^

-All items come from a smoke free home located in Utah. 
-Shipping fees can be determined once I receive a comment with what items are of interests and the mailing zip-code of where the interested party resides.
-All prices are in USD
-I will ship outside the USA.
magazines and Comics
will be shipped via media mail unless otherwise  asked

available issues:
2006: June, July, Sept.
2007:  Jan.

Asking Price: $3 each or bulk sale  4 for $10.
*international shipping for 4 magazines is normally but not always... 12-16 USD*

Animerica Issues:

Ceres Issue w/ an interview from Yu watase
Vol 9 #4
Price $4.00

Nintendo Power Magazines: Pictures to come once camera is charged

Vol. 144:
Front Cover: The legend of Zelda front 
Inside Issue: info for Oracles of Ages and Tale of Seasons Zelda,

Vol 157:
Front Cover: Lost Kingdoms
Inside Issue: lost Kingdoms, Bomberman Generation, Castlevania Harmony of Dissonance, Megaman Battle Network 2, E3 2002 preview

Vol 168
Front Cover: Golden sun th Lost Age
Inside Issue:Castlevania Aria of Sarrow,
The Legend of Zelda Wind Waker, etc

Vol 169
Front Cover: Link
Inside Soul Calibur II, Lost Kingdoms II, E3 preview, etc

Vol 171
Front cover: Final fantasy Tactics
Inside Issue: FF Tatics Advanced, Soul Calibur II, Enter the Matrix, MegaMan Battle Network3, Spotlight on Capcom

Price: $3.00 each
Bundle Price $7.00 for all Nintendo power

All posters are $1.00 each
Posters are in Mint condition and have never been mounted
(no tape, no thumb tack holes)

***Mario Mania and Game Atlas-SOLD***
Game Boy & SNES booklet still available

Type your cut contents here.

By Kia Asamiya- is the pen-name of a popular Japanese manga artist Michitaka Kikuchi whose work spans multiple genres.

Love &Chaos collection  vol 1-5 sold as a set

Silent Mobius- Into the labrynth Vol3

Price 1.50

Mobius Klien
Single issue not a series
Price $1.50

Comic Bundle (all 7 comics)
Price 7.00

No. 2
Price $1.00

Iron Cat Studios comic
The Vampire Dahlia


Viz Comics
Ceres Volume 1 and 2 (Images coming soon)
$1.00 each

CPM Manga Comic
Slayers-Super Explosive Demos Story


Price $1.00
-----------------------Bundle Price for all comics $12.00-----------------

Type your cut contents here.

Sticker collection comes with 5 out of the 6 sheets it was packaged with. I cant seem to find the sticker sheet of Nagisa Kaworu. Other wise, the set is complete and in Mint Condition.
 Rare Item. Originally purchased for 12.00
Price $8.00...willing to sell for $5.00 if a multiple item sale
(purchasing other items aside from the sticker set)

$4.00 each OR 3 for 9.00.
Thats buying two at the reg price and receiving the third for a whopping dollar =^_^=      
The Devil Does Exits Vol.4                                           
 Hot Gimmick Vol. 10
Kiss Me Kill Me Vol.2                                                                                  
Sweat & Honey
Sensual Phase Vol. 15
Over The Rainbow Vol.1
Manga will be shipped via media mail unless otherwise  asked

All DVDS are ligit region 1 and bought here in the USA and have the option for subtitles.
Each DVD $7.00
Buy all these dvds for 40.00


Volume 1 contains episodes 1-5


Volume 1 contains episodes 1-5

-Generator Gawl:

volume 1 contains episodes 1-3


-is not a series

-Great Teacher Onizuka
Volume 1 contains episodes 1-4
Volume 3 contais episodes 10-14
Volume 4 contains episodes 15-19

-Night Walker
Volume 2 contains episodes 7-12

-Rune Soldiers
Volume 1

-Samurai X  Betrayal
I believe this is a movie, not from the series

Slayers Anime Trading cards #1- 45 in card sleeves-Mint Condition

Price: 8.00


Price $4.00

Tenchi series Keychain (blue hair) $ 2.50
Trigun Milly Keychain  $2.50
 Ah My Goddess Peorth Keychain SOLD
Bundle Price ( both keychains) $3.00

Playstation 1 games:
game comes in its original jewel case, and  original insert booklet
Each game is $1.00 plus whatever shipping is to your zip code

-Evil Zone (Figting game)

Super Nintendo games:$1.00 each
-Tetris 2-pending
Game does not come in original case and  is missing its booklet

White N64 console, 2 grey controllers, games, power supply and memory card (black controller from image not for sale)
would like to sell as a full bundle.

Individual pricing:All games aside from kazzoie come in their original cases, and are in prime condition

PENDING 10.00 zelda Majora's mask Collectors Edition:
4.00 Banjo Kazooie 

40.00 n64 console system with with 2 grey controllers,
-power supply and memoy card

ALL Game boy advance PENDING
Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance-10.00
-Hot Wheels Burnin Rubber-2.00
-Rayman Advance-10.00
-Lady Sia3.00

Gameboy color
-R-Type DX-2.00

-Alley Way-1.50

Snes Games in original packaging with manuals, plus dust sleeve cover

-Chrono Trigger comes with maps as well as all mentioned above-$95.00
-Star Fox-10.00
Lion King10.00
Magical quest satring MIckey Mouse-10.00

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