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Doujinshi and other items for sale

Hi, I've got a huge stack of doujinshi along with other random items I am wanting to get rid of and was hoping someone here might be interested. Pricing for all items and photos under the cut!
All doujinshi are currently going for $22(usd)+ shipping as many of them are hard to find items however I am more than open to negotiating so please make an offer!

Most in mint or near mint conditions. Items to be shipped in plastic protective sleeves. I accept Pay pal(buyer covers pay pal fees), money orders, checks or (at buyer's own risk) concealed cash.

If you have any other questions feel free to ask. Thanks!

PLEASE NOTE: Some covers are sensitive in nature and all of the doujinshi are HENTAI, if you would like cover shots please send me a message as I do not want to violate any rules by posting them. I'm sure it goes without saying but you MUST be 18+ to buy any of these doujinshi, NO EXCEPTIONS.

FINAL NOTE: Please check ebay user Manifested_Dreams for my seller history. Thanks!

1 -  Ranma 1/2:
Female Ranma x Shampoo/Xian-pu

1 - Star Ocean 3 Til the end of Time:
Cliff x Nel
1 - Fruits Basket:
Tohru x Kyo

2 - Oh My Goddess/Ah Megami-sama:
Keichi x Belldandy

3 - Bleach:
2 Ichigo x Rukia 
1 Rukia x Byakuya

4 - FF7:
Tifa x Cloud

5 - Sailor Moon:
Makoto x Random Males
Ami X Random Males
Hotaru x herself & inner senshi
Usagi X Ami + Mamoru
All Inner Senshi

8 - Neon Genesis Evangelion:
Hikari x Teacher & Shinji x Rei
Shinji x Rei multiple artists
Shinhi x Rei & Shinji x Asuka
Gendou x Rei & Kaji x Asuka
Shinji x everyone(main female cast)
multiple artists
Shinji x everyone(main female cast)
Shinji x Misato
- multiple pairings, stories and artists

Both shirts are large sizes and never worn - $10 each or best offer
Slayers Try episodes 52-70 BRAND NEW, NEVER WATCHED - $15 or best offer
Cupcake change purse - $3

Legend of Sage comics - $12 for all or best offer, just want to get rid of them.
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