Shojo Kakumei Erin (mind0vermatter) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Shojo Kakumei Erin

Japanese game-Silent Hill 0

Hi there! I have an unopened Japanese copy of the game Silent Hill 0 (or Origins, for the US release) for PSP that I don't need since I got the english one too. It is in Japanese (duh) and you do need a proper region PSP to play it on. I only bought it so I could get the free release item with it. :) I'm asking $30 shipped within the US, which is less than it costs new either in English or Japanese, or feel free to make an offer! I haven't done any buying or selling on this comm but I have feedback on Ebay under the name akitopockito or on the LJ comm loligoth-dbs, which is for gothic lolita sales. :D Under the cut are pictures of the game to prove I have it.



X-posting to videogames4sale :)
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