Victoria -ビク- (vikuviku) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Victoria -ビク-

Jrock sale~*!

 (´┏ _ ┓`*) Have to let go of some items to earn money for school~*
Please take a look at these items and let me know if you are interested.

☆ Some prices can be talked about ☆

Algonquins spider tank (long)-$25 plus shipping
PERFECT condition. Bought in Shinjuku, Japan at Algonquins shop above Kera store.
Worn once in Japan. Very long and fits nicely.


Miyavi double sided poster-$6 plus shipping

Yoshiki 2007 poster-$3 plus shipping

Gackt 2007 poster (double sided) -$5 plus shipping

Ayabie poster -$4 plus shipping

Kagerou poster-$6 plus shipping

Luna Sea 07 poster for concert-$5 plus shipping

hide plastic poster-$5 plus shipping
picked this up in Harajuku Japan


Sugar flyer

Kaya flyer-$2

picked these up when  saw them live in Japan (with Versaille's 'the red carpet day')

Please leave feed back for me
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