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Thoght you might be interested!! Auctions Include: Cinnamoroll, Momusu, cute anime. &hearts.

Cinnamoroll Bag/Planner/Pencil/Wallet/Backpack SET. &hearts&hearts
Really cute! Discounted too, I got this stuff for more than 2x what I'm selling it at~

Negima! Konoka and Nodoka CUTE Keychains
They're ubercute, can be used on your bag, your keys, your phone. Small and adorable! =]

Morning Musume- Ai no Dai 6kan
Morning Musume's 6th Album. Idol Jpop. Supercute and well-known through Japan for being at the center of the Japanese cutesypop industry! ^-^

Tenchi Muyo Sasami Wall Scroll
Featuring the cast of Tenchi Muyo surrounding an adorable life-size Sasami doll decked out in bows and frill. &hearts And a ryo-Ohki sitting on her head! ^-^

Shuffle! Asa Figurine
This show is seriously cute. Bright and sunny Asa is featured here with an orange top and a straw hat with a wide brim... Supercute!

Hope some of you like these, I'm moving to Canada (BC, from Florida- I'm going to college and preparing for a VERY BIG move) and I could really use this... Thank you, everyone!! ^____^- &hearts&hearts
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