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GBA SP, GBA games and DS games~

I'm selling this GBA SP~ i also have games for it too. It's a black model and is in Mint Condition! Comes with charger, of course. $30 + charger + 2 games out of my selection!

(Prices do not include shipping! Taking paypal only)

Price is $30. That includes charger and two games of choice.



GBA Games include: Golden Sun, Fire Emblem, etc.

Games 1

A. DBZ: Taiketsu $5
B. Yu Yu Hakusho: Spirit Detective $5
C. Fire Emblem (first game) $4
D. Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones $4
(Both C&D for $6)

Games 2

A. Sonic Advance 1 $5
B. Sonic Advance 3 $5
C. Golden Sun (first game) $8
D. Golden Sun: The Lost Age $6

(Both A&B for $8)
(Both C&D for $12)

Games 3

A. Harvest Moon: More Friends Of Mineral Town $5

B. Pokemon Sapphire $6
(yes, i sold one but i have another copy)
C. Yu-Gi-Oh: The Sacred Cards $5

DS Games: Trace Memories and Lunar: Dragon Song

Both games come with case and booklet~


Trace Memory $10


Lunar Dragon Memory $10

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