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Gundam Seed Items! [from Newtype and Animage magazines]

Items for sale!

I used to be really big on buying the Japanese versions of Newtype and Animage and they often came with nifty little extras.. unfortunately, said extras rarely interested me, so here I am selling a few things, all related to Gundam Seed.

Two-sided Shitajiki [pencil board] - standard size
Front features Athrun Zala, full colour, while the back features Kira Yamato in blue tones.
Condition: No plastic cover; shitajiki has some light scratches, but nothing that ruins the way it looks. It's been in a pile with my other shitajiki until pulling it out to be scanned today.



Three-section Clear File
A nice-sized clearfile featuring Athrun Zala, Kira Yamato, and a girl [I don't know the characters!] in colour with a grey, star-field back.
Condition: Perfect condition of clearfile. Plastic covering has some stuff stuck to the adhesive on the flap, but clearfile itself has only been out of the cover once or twice and never used. Any marring on the scan is from the plastic slip over the clearfile and the stuff stuck to the adhesive on the flap. The clearfile itself is in great shape.


Gundam Seed Poster
A nice, large-sized poster featuring one of the gundams and some text.
Condition: Perfect condition except for creases from where poster was folded in magazine.


Athrun Zala Poster SOLD
A gorgeous poster, magazine pinup size, of Athrun Zala. This one I almost want to keep just because it's gorgeous, but I don't know the series at all and have no intention on getting into Seed, so hopefully someone else can appreciate it and enjoy it.
Condition: Great condition! One crease down middle as it was folded in the magazine, but no torn edges or marks on it.


Super-sized poster of Kira Yamato and Athrun Zala SOLD
This is probably the best of the lot. This is a HUGE poster, almost my arm span in height, of Kira and Athrun looking all beaten and such. Beautiful, huge poster, that again I wouldn't mind hanging up, but would rather have a fan enjoy it instead.
Condition: Perfect condition. It is a folded poster as that was how it was packaged with the magazine, but it has no torn edges or marks on it and has been sitting on my bookshelf since I pulled it from the magazine.

Full Poster:

Close Up:

Pricing and Other Information
Make an offer! I have no set prices on these, but as far as I know, these are probably not easy-to-find as they are NewType or Animage release items from around late-2003. I will figure out shipping [United States and Canada Only] once you are interested. I accept Pay-Pal and Money Orders, no cash or checks. Payment must be received before shipping. ^_^

Email me at saiai [at] mchsi.com or leave a comment here if interested. ^_^ Thank you!
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