caramel_ruki (maya_chan) wrote in garagesalejapan,

Zeal Link and Brand X Comment DVD

I sell these two DVD because I need money to buy new...

Zeal Link - Open Commemoration Comment DVD
Includ these Bands: 176biz, ancafe, arc, ayabie, cellt, d=out, dali, doremidan, girugamesh, guys family, heidi., kibouya honpo, liz, lolita23q, lynch., nega, pureq&a, sadie, saruin, screw, siva, unsraw, viored, wizard, zoro
Othe Info: This DVD is not longer for sale!

Brand X - Happy New Year Message 2008 /Special Present DVD/
Includ these Bands: -oz-, 12012, 176biz, anjyu', arc, ayabie, bergerac, billy, branch, cellt, chariots, d, d=out, dali, girugamesh, guys family, heidi., hurts, irokui., liz, maverick, megamasso, meth., metis gretel, nega, neu, oz, pureq&a, rentrer en soi, sadie, screw, smile, sug, tinc, unsraw, v, versailles, vidoll, viored, wizard, zoro
Price: Best Offer! (Not under 30€)
Othe Info: This DVD is not longer for sale!

Please look here!!

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