Iris Chen (quoththeraven) wrote in garagesalejapan,
Iris Chen

DS: H.naoto Blood + Ambient, Alice Auaa, BPN, Gouk, Cyberdog, Buddhist Punk

I need to clean out my closet! If you're buying multiple items, make me an offer, all prices include shipping within the US, extra fees for international may apply. I take all forms of Paypal!!!

Alice Auaa Ruffle One Piece/Long Top- $100 shipped Worn twice, original price is over $250! Fits 37" bust and 34" waist-- sleeves are extra long! Buy with skirt for $200!

Alice Auaa Skirt - $115 shipped Worn twice, original price is over $250! Buy with Top for $200!

H.naoto Blood Castle Top - $45 shipped Never worn, but lightly used by previous owner. Top fits 34" bust and 30" waist -- smaller person would be best!

H.naoto Blood Lace Top - $45 shipped Worn maybe 3 times. Top fits 38" bust and free waist -- very stretchy! good for larger sizes :D

H.naoto Ambient Cardigan - $95 shipped Worn once. Relatively free size, mens clothing - is tighter in the arms -- very stretchy! good for larger sizes :D

Gouk Top - $40 shipped Tried on. Bust is free but arms are very narrow, would suggest for a S or smaller M sized person.

Cyberdog Wrap Safari Pants - $35 shipped Used many times, had to take the hem up slightly in order for it not to drag, in wonderful condition otherwise! Fits up to 34" waist

Buddhist Punk Prodigy Top - $25 shipped Worn twice, a collab between Prodigy (the band) and Buddhist punk. Fits 32" bust best.

Black Peace Now Top - $25 shipped Worn many times, but still has life! Best fit on 33" Bust!


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